Pros And Cons Of Shampooing Carpet

Carpet shampooing is one of the best ways to keep your home clean and healthy. No matter how careful you are, dirt and grime become embedded in the carpeted areas of your home. The debris can be tracked throughout your home if you don't remove it with a thorough cleaning of the carpet using special cleaning solvents. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to the process that you should consider so you can be sure to clean your carpets the right way.

Pros of Shampooing Your Carpet

  • Shampooing the carpet pulls out the dirt and other debris from the base of the carpet that has gathered over time that routine cleaning methods can't get. It can then be easily removed.
  • Using heat from the steam cleaners allows the carpet to receive a thorough cleaning. It breaks away the dirt and oils from the carpet, as well as provides an effective rinsing and suction of the debris. 
  • Stains are removed easily, and the carpet looks fresher and newer because the crushed fibers are rejuvenated.
  • Air quality is improved by removing dust, allergens, and dander from the carpet. You will breathe easier after a proper cleaning.
  • Your home will smell better when all of the smoking smells, pet smells, and cooking smells are removed from the carpet.


  • Caution must be taken to remove all of the cleaning solvents used in the cleaning process. You will notice the area is sticky when you walk on it. If they are not all removed, the carpet will attract additional dirt with the sticky layer. It can also cause the carpet to change colors or make the carpet fibers mat together.
  • Most cleaning methods involve water. You must be sure the water is completely removed, or you will have problems with mold and mildew. Your at-home cleaner may provide a fair amount of water removal, but professional cleaners can do the best job to clean and dry the area quickly. 
  • Time and money are involved to clean the carpet areas correctly. The products must be applied properly and allow plenty of time for the carpet to dry before walking on it. If it is not in your budget to hire a professional, you will have to purchase or rent a shampooer. You will also have to purchase the solvent needed to do the job sufficiently.

If you have carpet in your home, you should understand all that is involved in the process. Carpeting is expensive to replace, so you need to use caution if you are the do-it-yourself individual. You can always hire a professional, like those at Harper's Carpet Cleaners, if you do not think you have the proper knowledge to accomplish the task.

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