Why It's Important To Hire A Certified Carpet Cleaner

When you're looking into potential carpet cleaning companies to hire, what factors do you consider? Many homeowners consider cost, the variety of services offered, and what hours the company operates. While these factors are all important, there's another thing you should make sure of before hiring any carpet cleaning company: that their technicians are certified. Here are three reasons why you should always make sure a carpet cleaning professional is certified before you sign that contract.

They will know how to choose the right products for your specific carpet.

Each type of carpet calls for a different cleaning solution, and using the wrong one could cost you thousands -- not to mention the hassle of having to replace a carpet. For instance, a wool carpet will require special cleaners to prevent shrinking, or perhaps even a dry cleaning procedure. A berber carpet may require extra suction to remove the shampoo from the dense fibers. Certified carpet cleaning professionals have received education to help them identify each carpet they see and choose the right cleaning products and procedures for that specific carpet. If you go with a "budget" company that hires uncertified technicians, quickly trains them, and then sends them out hoping for the best, you may find that your carpet becomes discolored, is left too wet, or shrinks because the wrong products or procedures were used.

They will be better equipped to deal with "surprise" issues that come up.

Any carpet cleaning endeavor is full of surprises, and a technician needs to be prepared to handle them. When your carpet cleaning professional suddenly discovers a wine stain under the sofa, an extra worn section near the door, or a seam that's coming apart, they need to know how to amend their cleaning process to best deal with the issue. Certified cleaning professionals have received training in this regard. A non-certified carpet cleaner, on the other hand, may just carry on with the same process, resulting in a more set-in stain, greater tearing of the fibers, or worsening of the loosened seam.

They'll know how to use the equipment properly.

Professional carpet cleaning equipment has a lot of different setting that allow the operator to alter the suction, shampoo dispensing, and other functions to meet their needs. A certified carpet cleaner will know how to use these functions properly, and in which scenario to use each one. On the other hand, someone who is not certified may not know how to fully take advantage of the equipment options, or may even use the equipment in a way that ends up damaging your carpet.

There are many different carpet cleaning certification schools and programs. If someone you are thinking of hiring shows you a carpet cleaning certificate, spend a minute researching the program to make sure it is legitimate. If so, you can feel confident in your decision to hire this person. Contact a local cleaner, like Kleen As A Whistle, for more help.

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