Moving Out Of Your Rental Property? How To Thoroughly Clean The Carpet

If you're moving out of your rental property in the coming weeks, one of the things that you'll need to do if you hope to recover your security deposit is to clean the stains out of the carpet. The following tips will help you get the stains out of your carpet naturally and effectively, ensuring that your carpet pile will look its best when it's time for you to leave.

Treat Old Stains with a Vinegar and Water Solution

Dampen a clean rag or a sponge, and blot at the stain on the carpet. Blot starting from the outside of the stain to the inside, rotating the rag around the edge of the stain and working your way inward. Once the stain is damp, spray the area with a solution comprised of equal parts water and vinegar. Continue to blot the stain with the rag. Do not scrub at the stain, as this can work the stain deeper into the carpet fibers (or damage the carpeting).

Once the stain is sufficiently wet with vinegar and water, lay a clean microfiber cloth over the stain, then stand on the cloth. When you're done, remove the cloth and inspect your work. If the stain is still present but is starting to come out, repeat the process as necessary. If the stain seems unchanged, mix dishwashing detergent into the vinegar and water mix to create a more powerful solution, then try again.

Remove Odors with Baking Soda

You've probably heard that baking soda can absorb odors from your refrigerator, but did you know that baking soda can also absorb odors from your carpet? Simply sprinkle the smelly carpet with baking soda, then work it into the carpet pile using a carpet rake. Leave the baking soda in the carpet overnight, then vacuum it up the following day. If the smell persists, repeat the next day until the baking soda has absorbed the smell.

Hire a Rental Property Cleaning Service for Stubborn Stains

If you don't have much experience with deep cleaning, you could have a hard time getting the toughest stains and smells out of your carpet. For more guidance, or to alleviate yourself of the burden of cleaning your rental property's carpet, contact a rental property cleaning service. These kinds of services can clean your carpet as needed and can also clean other parts of your rental property. If you decide to have your carpet cleaned by a professional and want to maintain your budget, take an inventory of the most prevalent odors/stains in your carpet so you can show your cleaning company the areas that need the most attention.

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