The Best Hacks For Lazy Home Cleaning

Few enjoy cleaning their homes, but if you truly despise cleaning up, you may find it difficult to have a home that you are proud of. If you absolutely hate cleaning, you should try these hacks that can help speed the process along and make it more manageable.

Find Out Your Threshold

Determine how long you can clean before it becomes too overwhelming. It is more efficient to clean in a single block of time rather than cleaning sporadically, but you will need to determine how long you can perform a task before becoming overwhelmed. Once you have determined your threshold, set a timer and clean until the timer runs out.

Add Houseplants

If you add houseplants to your home, they will help freshen the air. Then, you won't have to work as hard to improve the air quality of your home.

Use Wet Wipes

Use cleaning tools that help you clean more quickly. For instance, it is much faster to wipe down counters with disposable wipes than by spraying, soaking and wiping down a counter with a paper towel.

Trade Soap For Shower Gels

Using shower gels will create less of a mess to clean up because they do not leave soap residue behind. Shower gel residue is easier to clean up.

Clean Your Microwave With A Water And Vinegar Bowl

A microwave might be difficult to keep clean, but if you place a bowl of water mixed in with half as much vinegar, you can then microwave the bowl for five minutes and the steam created by it will clean your microwave.

Use Your Dishwasher Frequently And Don't Use Bowls And Cups

If you own a dishwasher, you can use it to clean more than just dishes. Hair brushes and toys can also be cleaned more quickly with a dishwasher. Also, try to eat whatever you can out of the original container. If you are able to eat it in one sitting, there is no need to dirty a bowl or cup.

Make Chenille Socks

Make socks out of chenille. These can be worn over your feet and you can walk around your home, cleaning up dirt and debris as you go. Then, when they are completely covered with dirt, you can toss them into the garbage.

If you still cannot get over your hatred of cleaning, you should hire a residential cleaning service, likeKathy's Quality Cleaning, Inc. or another business. Home maids love to clean and have tricks that allow them to clean your home more quickly than you dreamed possible.

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