A Few Tips For Cleaning Your Carpets Without Harsh Chemicals

The harsh chemicals in most carpet cleaning products have been known to make people dizzy, nauseous, and tired. They are also bad for the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the carpet's fibers. Unfortunately, if you have carpets or rugs in your home, at some point they are going to need cleaning. To help keep your family safe from the toxic chemicals in the cleaning solutions, here are a few tips.

Vacuum and Spot Clean

When you vacuum a carpet you are lifting out the dirt and dust that has accumulated down in the fibers. This keeps the dirt from building up, reducing the need for a cleaning. When you notice a stain or area that won't come clean with the vacuum, spot clean it with natural products. For example, you can use corn starch to soak up any grease, club soda for coffee, and white vinegar will remove pet stains. If you clean up spills and accidents when they occur, you can put off having the whole carpet cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning Machines

If you are going to rent a carpet cleaning machine and do the job yourself, be sure to rinse the water chamber well before starting. If possible, clean it at a car wash facility so you will not have to pour the water down your sink or in the yard. Any remnants of harsh chemicals should be taken care of so you are not putting them into your carpets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

If you decide that you want all the carpet in the house cleaned, it might be best to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to do the work. However, it is important that you hire one that advertises as being environmentally friendly. Ask what type of cleaning products they use and if they also use chemicals for other clients. If they cannot tell you what is in their cleaning products, you may want to look for a different company to do the work. Also, if they use chemicals for other clients, ask if they have equipment specifically for the green products before hiring them.

Children and pets are often rolling around on the carpets in your home. You do not want to risk their health because of the chemicals used for cleaning. As more people and companies are becoming conscientious of the chemicals used in cleaning products more environmentally safe alternatives are being discovered. Take advantage of these safe supplies for your family, the world, and your carpet. Contact a cleaner, like A+ Cleaning Service, for more help.

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