4 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring An Office Cleaning Company

Hiring an office cleaning company can be a great way to free up time and keep your office environment better organized and disinfected. However, with so many companies to choose from, the decision can feel overwhelming. As you shop around with local office cleaning services, there are some common mistakes worth avoiding.

Failing to Check References

Any reputable office cleaning company should be able to provide you with a list of references, which should include past customers. These references can speak to the experience and quality of the company and its services. Even once a list of references is provided, however, be sure to follow up. Call or e-mail the references for yourself to ensure they're legitimate and to find out more about what others have to say about the business.

Focusing Too Much on Price

While it's important to find an office cleaning service that's within your budget, it's equally important to not focus only on the price of the services. While it may be tempting to go with the lowest quote you can find, you may be sacrificing quality by doing so. When shopping for an office cleaning service, your best bet is to obtain quotes from multiple companies and then to compare the specific services offered by each. Reading online reviews of each company can also help you narrow down your lower-priced options.

Not Reading the Contract

Always read any contract with a cleaning company before you sign it! This will help you to avoid potential surprises down the road. Specifically, be sure that your exact cleaning services are outlined in your contract, as well as the frequency with which you will be receiving these services. Also, check out any clauses related to accidental damage of your property; while it's not likely to be an issue, you want to make sure the company will pay for any damages they are responsible for.

Overlooking Products Used

Finally, be sure to ask the cleaning company about the products they use. Ideally, you'll want to choose a cleaning company that uses natural, environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Not only are these better for the planet, but they will also be less likely to cause allergies or irritation if any of your office employees come into contact with them. Your business can also appeal to those who value green living.

By avoiding these mistakes as you shop for an office cleaning company, you can ultimately make the right decision for your office and business.

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