How To Keep Your Microfiber Sofa Clean

Microfiber sofas are made of a lush and durable fabric. One of these sofas is an attractive addition to your home while being suitable for active family life. However, microfiber can get dirty and stain just like any other fabric. Some types of microfiber can even be stained by water. Here are some tips for keeping your sofa clean and smelling fresh.

Determine The Type Of Fabric You Have

Look for a label on your sofa that lists the care instructions. The label might be underneath the sofa, so get some help so you can flip the sofa over to read it. This information is important to know so you can avoid using water or a steam cleaner if it will stain the fabric. The label will let you know if you can clean with water and detergent or a solvent such as alcohol. Even so, you should always test the cleaner you choose in an inconspicuous spot to make sure it won't harm the fabric.

Vacuum The Sofa Frequently

You can keep the fabric in good shape for much longer if you vacuum it often. Treat it as you do your carpet and vacuum once or twice a week to remove hairs and crumbs that can harm the fibers. Use the upholstery cleaning attachment to vacuum the entire sofa and get crumbs out of seams and from behind the cushions. To remove odors from the sofa too, vacuum and then sprinkle baking soda over the fabric. Let the baking soda work for several minutes and then vacuum it up.

Spot Clean Stains

One good thing about microfiber is that it resists spills, so when you spill something on the sofa, grab a cloth or sponge and blot it up right away before it sinks into the fibers. If a stain develops, try blotting it out with water if it is safe to use water on your sofa. If water doesn't work, mix a soap solution with laundry detergent or dish soap and apply it to the area with a cloth. If your label on your sofa advises not to use water, then try cleaning out stains with rubbing alcohol instead. Spray alcohol on the stain and rub it with a cloth until it's gone. You can also buy sofa deodorizers and stain cleaners at the grocery store, but be sure the label says they are safe to use on microfiber fabric. After cleaning with water or alcohol, the fibers may be matted down but you can restore the plush appearance by using a brush on the area.

Have The Sofa Cleaned By A Professional

Regular cleaning with a vacuum and removing stains will keep your sofa in good shape, but to keep it looking like new and to prolong its life, consider having your sofa cleaned by a professional occasionally. Once a year might be enough, but if there's a smoker in your house or if you have pets that lounge on the sofa, you may need to do it more often. Having the sofa cleaned when your carpet is cleaned is a good way to remember to have it done.  

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