Bought A Foreclosure? 4 Reasons To Get Carpet Cleaning Service Before Moving In

When you purchase a foreclosed home, you may be assuming ownership of a property that needs a lot of work and cleaning. After inspecting the home and determining that it is safe and viable to live in right away, you may want to start moving in your belongings. However, you should get a carpet cleaning service before you rent a moving truck and load it up with your possessions.

Find Carpet Damage

Although you may find some spots that are noticeably damaged, you can only benefit from relying on a carpet cleaner to go around the home to find all the permanent damage. This will give you an idea of how much work you need to put into repairs to get attractive carpeting.

In some cases, you may be able to hire a carpet cleaning company that can handle some repairs, which makes it easy to follow up the repairs with a thorough cleaning.

Remove Stains

In a foreclosed home, you may expect to find several stains throughout the house. These stains may have settled in over the course of months or years, so they may not be easy to remove. Even if you try to remove them on your own, you may not experience much success. However, a cleaning professional is your best bet for removing the most difficult stains from the carpeting.

As soon as the stains are removed, you will notice a huge difference in how clean the carpet looks. Also, you should feel confident enough to bring your furniture into the home because you will not be covering up stains that should eventually be removed.

Get Rid of Odors

When you move into a home, you do not want to experience a situation in which certain rooms or the entire house has a foul odor. It does not have to be strong for it to be undesirable, so you should make sure to invest in deodorization service while you get carpet cleaning.

Determine Lifespan

A professional can look at your carpet to determine its age and give you an estimate on the rest of its lifespan based on its current condition. When the carpet is in rough shape, you may find it beneficial to replace the carpeting in high-traffic areas and where there is a lot of damage.

When you invest in a professional carpet cleaning service after buying a foreclosed home, you will gain valuable knowledge about the carpet and get to enjoy a clean carpet to put your belongings on.

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