3 Tips on Preparing for Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Professional carpet cleaners can use powerful steam-extraction methods to quickly and efficiently clean and sanitize your carpet. However, if you aren't ready for the visit, you might find yourself struggling with the process more than going with the flow. Here are three tips to help you prepare for carpet cleaning companies to come and work on your home.  

Remove Clutter

Go through every single room of your home and remove or lift anything that doesn't need to be on the floor. Great examples include area rugs, accent furniture, floor lamps, and ottomans. Place these items on top of larger pieces of furniture, such as sofas, coffee tables, or beds to pave the way for professional cleaners. If possible, pull furniture away from the wall so cleaners can clean areas behind beds before pushing the furniture back in place to clean the main floor area.  

If your home is too full of items, consider moving some of it to places that won't get serviced such as basements, garages, or even the yard. Although it can seem extreme to move things outside for a while, the process could help cleaners to tidy up your home more efficiently.  

Vacuum Everything

Carpet cleaning chemicals can't eliminate grime from surfaces as efficiently if they are covered in dust and grime, so go through your home and vacuum any surface that will be cleaned by professionals. Focus on going over areas several times to remove grime efficiently, and don't forget to use the tools to do the edges of the room.

You should also vacuum upholstery that needs to be cleaned and make sure that the space around items needing to be cleaned is clear of clutter. If you start to struggle with your vacuum during the cleaning process, check to make sure that filters are cleaned out and that hoses aren't clogged.

Identify Spills

It can also help to take an inventory of what spills you have around your home. Before carpet cleaners come, go through every room of your home and check for carpet discoloration. If you find discolored areas, try to remember what caused the spill and write it down. Doing this can help to speed up the stain removal process for professionals.  

Remember, if you have questions about how to prepare for carpet cleaning professionals, you can always ask the team before they arrive. Reach out to ask what you need to do in order to help them to get right to work.  

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