Preparing Your Home For Inspection? 4 Areas You Should Have A Cleaning Service Focus On

If you're going to be selling your home, you want to be prepared for the inspection. Most prospective buyers will insist on an inspection before they agree to buy a home. Inspections provide detailed reports about homes, including defects that need to be remedied. If you're scheduled for a home inspection, you need to make sure your home receives a thorough cleaning. To ensure maximum benefit, here are four areas you'll want your cleaning service to focus on. 


If you're preparing your home for an inspection, make sure you get the vents cleaned. Dirty vents can be a sign of HVAC trouble. If the vents are covered in dirt, inspectors may think there's a ventilation problem. This is especially true if the walls around the vents are also dirty. To avoid that problem, make sure your cleaning service removes the vent covers for a thorough cleaning prior to the home inspection. 


Now that you're getting ready for a home inspection, have your floors professionally cleaned. This should include all the flooring in your home, including carpeted and tiled areas. If your carpets have been exposed to moisture, there may be mold growing in the fibers or on the padding. If that's the case, your home could have a moldy or musty odor. You want to eliminate those odors before an inspection. If you have tiled floors in your home, you want to make sure the grout is cleaned. Cleaning the grout will give the inspector a better view of the tile condition. 


When you're preparing for a home inspection, you don't want to forget about the toilets. You may not realize this, but the inspection will include your toilets too. Because of that, you want to make sure that they're clean and odor-free. If your toilet bowls have hard water stains, you'll need to have them cleaned. Hard water stains can make it difficult for inspectors to check for toilet bowl damage. To make sure your home passes inspection, make sure your toilet bowls are free of hard water deposits. 


Finally, if your home is scheduled for an inspection, make sure the faucets receive a deep cleaning. This is especially important if they're covered in hard water deposits, or green limescale. If hard water deposits or limescale are present on your faucets, the inspector may want to take a closer look inside the pipes. That's because hard water deposits and limescale can damage the pipes in your home. To avoid problems, be sure to have the hard water deposits and limescale removed from your faucets.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers property inspection services.

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