Hiring Household Help The Right Way

You might think that houses can clean themselves, with the invention of robotic vacuums and such. Unfortunately, houses get dirty, and most people are more concerned than ever before about the cleanliness of their homes. When you hire housekeeping services, you are actually buying yourself peace of mind along with a healthy dose of much-needed time. To get the best cleaning service, you need to ask the right questions, so read on and find out what to ask about and why.

The Initial Evaluation Considerations

When it comes to cleaning services, both you and the cleaners need to size each other up. It is difficult for the services to quote you a price without touring your home to see what the scope of the work will be. This is a good time to find out information from them, too.

  • Background Information – You may not always be present when the cleaner is there, and you want to know about their background before you choose a service. Ask what screenings are performed if you are dealing with a service. Both criminal and financial backgrounds should be checked. You may have to pay for the background check yourself if you are not going through a service, however. Make sure you let them know about it beforehand.
  • Bonding – This is a form of insurance that covers your personal possessions if something happens accidentally or through theft. Go with a household cleaning service that offers bonded employees.
  • Insurance – Insurance covers you in case a worker in your home gets hurt. Many services provide the employee with that insurance, so you don't have to.
  • Cleaning supplies – This issue can make a big difference in cost. Some cleaners like to use their own favorite products, and they supply them for the job. Others expect you to supply the products, and they might ask for input on what to buy. You might also want only certain environmentally-friendly or non-toxic products used in your home. In most cases, making sure that large and bulky items like vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops, and buckets are available is the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • Fees – Cleaning costs can vary widely, depending on the going rate in a particular area. When deciding on cost, cleaning services often go by the size of the home, the scope of the work, and how long it will take. For example, if you want a total top-to-bottom cleaning every week or so, you will pay more. Most cleaners do not do laundry, so that may be an added cost if you need it. Cleaning costs may be by the hour or by the visit. Know what that fee pays for ahead of time.

Letting someone else take care of the dirty work can be a big relief. Talk to a local cleaner today.

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