Insight to Help You Keep Your Rental House Carpeting Clean and Maintained

As a property manager or landlord of a rental property, any carpeting within the unit is going to attract dirt, debris, and stains and begin to look dark and dingy over time. And carpeting can absorb odors inside the apartment unit, which you don't want hanging around when a tenant moves out and a new tenant moves in. Therefore, your rental's carpeting needs to be kept up in good condition in order to maintain a cleaned and beautiful rental home. Here are some carpet cleaning recommendations that you can use to benefit your rental properties.

Provide Yearly Carpet Cleaning Bonus

When you are a landlord or property manager, you will need to take care of the rental's carpeting inside the unit as well as keep your tenants happy. A good way to show your tenant your appreciation, especially when they renew their lease for another nine months or year, is to provide them a free carpet cleaning service to their apartment carpets.

Arrange for a carpet cleaning professional to visit your tenant's apartment when it is convenient for them to clean the carpeting in the apartment. You don't need to require that they move their furniture and items out of the apartment, but rather the professional can clean the carpets that are accessible around the existing furniture where their foot traffic has likely caused dirt to collect. This provides your tenant with cleaned carpeting as a benefit for their new lease time, but it also protects your investment and keeps your carpeting in good condition a little while longer. It is when carpeting becomes stained and dirty that it can begin to be damaged beyond repair and need replacement.

Arrange Stain Cleaning Removal

When a tenant moves out, you and your cleaning crew usually plan to go into the apartment and clean up dirt, stains, and left-behind clutter. Your goal is to get the apartment looking and smelling clean and fresh so you can quickly rent it out to a new tenant. When a potential tenant tours through your rental apartment, it is most likely going to be empty without any furniture and decor, so their focus is going to be directed on the walls, floors, and ceilings in the property. So, in order to best sell the apartment, these surfaces need to be clean and impressive.

This is where your carpet professional can help you out with removing some of the toughest stains in the carpets. These stains may be those that you consider are impossible to remove or you may think by the looks of the carpets that it needs to be replaced. However, a trained carpet cleaning professional will know exactly what types of cleaners they can use and stain remover treatments to put right on the darkest stains to lift them from the carpeting. And if any areas of the carpet are damaged, such as a hole from a pet, ask if they can repair the hole.

For more information, contact a local residential carpet cleaning service near you.

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