3 Advantages Of Non-Entry Industrial Tank Cleaning With a Manway Water Cannon

Industrial tanks carrying fuels or chemicals need regular cleaning, but they can't be cleaned in the usual way with the cleaning crew entering the tank. They would be in danger of inhaling toxic fumes or coming into contact with corrosive material. Even giant water tanks used in municipal waterworks would be too big for a cleaning crew to clean effectively. Robotic cleaning is safer, faster, and more efficient. In this regard, a manway water cannon offers several advantages in industrial cleaning:

Long Reach

Some industrial tanks rise to heights hundreds of feet tall. It would be a challenge for a cleaning crew to work with a crane at such heights without corrosion. However, a manway cannon can extend to such heights, reducing the need to put people at risk or incur high expenses moving cranes on site.

A manway water cannon can also shoot water jets to great lengths, extending its effective cleaning range. It can get to hard-to-reach places from different angles, reducing the risks of damage.

In addition to a long reach, the manway cannon is highly maneuverable, with almost 360-degree rotation. It makes it suitable for high confined spaces like silos because it can clean all sides effectively without moving its position.

A camera-equipped manway cannon makes it possible to clean covered tanks. The operator can direct the cannon to all parts of the tank without uncovering the tank.

Faster and Efficient Cleaning

The longer an industrial tank is out of action, the more it incurs losses. Conventional cleaning can shut down industrial operations for days or weeks, translating into downtime losses. It is also inefficient because cleaning crews can't get to every place in the tank.

A manway water cannon offers a faster and more efficient cleaning operation. The cannon shoots water jets at very high pressures that clean off any slurry or sludge. It can clean hundreds of square feet in minutes.

Better Safety in Operations

Cleaning industrial tanks presents risks for the cleaning crews and other people nearby. For example, it would be impossible to do entry cleaning for tanks holding toxic chemicals. It is also dangerous to uncover these tanks because of the risks of releasing toxic fumes into the environment.

A manway water cannon reduces these risks of cleaning high-risk industrial tanks. The cannon can be operated remotely and at a great range such that corrosive chemicals don't splash on it. This is a great advantage for businesses because no risks to people's safety mean no liabilities for the business.

Would you like a safer and more efficient way of cleaning your industrial tanks? Talk to a cleaning service about robotic cleaning with a manway water cannon.

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