When To Schedule A Professional Move Out Cleaning

Moving out is stressful enough before you consider the need to thoroughly clean the apartment or home before you leave. Putting the finishing touches on the move-out cleaning, such as shampooing the carpets or scrubbing the bathtub, is often the last thing you want to do after packing up everything. Yet hiring a professional before you've actually finished the process of moving out can result in a cleaner space, increasing the chances of getting your deposit back. Here are three different times during the process of moving out that professional cleaning can help.

Before Moving Out for Showing

Does your landlord or management company plan to show the rental space before you completely move out? They may require you to keep the home or apartment as clean as possible in order to make it appealing to potential renters. This is a lot less stressful if you schedule weekly cleaning visits from a professional service during the showing period. If you're still living in the space, it's impossible not to make small messes here and there. However, bringing in a professional the day before any visits are scheduled ensures you can focus on the upcoming move rather than worry about keeping up with constant cleaning.

While You're Still Packing

Don't be afraid to start the cleaning process while you're still packing, especially if you're concerned you'll need to do extra work like paint the walls or pay for repairs. If there is any mess left over from patching holes in the walls, for example, having a professional cleaning service handle it makes more sense than trying to tackle it all yourself. Since large security deposits almost always outweigh the costs of small repairs, it makes sense to deep clean while repairing to ensure the best chance of getting the money back.

Immediately After Moving Out

In general, move-out deep cleaning is handled right after you move out and remove the last of your belongings. This allows the cleaner to tackle every last mess and leave the space as sparkling clean as possible right before the landlord comes for the final inspection. However, waiting until this moment to have any cleaning done runs the risk of missing damage that you could have repaired before moving out. A multi-tiered approach to professional cleaning while moving out reduces stress and the length of the final cleaning visit right after moving out.

Consider professional cleaning fees to be part of your moving costs. By outsourcing this important task to the experts, you can increase your chances of getting your full security deposit back. For more information, contact a company like Henry's Janitorial Services.

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