Have Pets? Have Carpet Cleaning Done More Frequently

When you have pets in the home, it's necessary to have carpet cleaning done more frequently. From vacuuming several times a week to having professional carpet cleaning services come to your home as often as four times a year, here are just a few reasons why having pets leads to more carpet maintenance needs.

Hair control

Even low-shedding pets will drop several hairs a day and these hairs get all over the carpet and other furniture. Hair that gets embedded in carpeting dulls the carpet color and worse: the hairs trap dirt and dander even more and allows the carpet to get filthy and smelly more quickly than it might without pets.

Not only do you have to vacuum more often (vacuum companies suggest vacuuming around twice a week, but you can vacuum more if you wish), you have to have carpet shampooing and steam-cleaning done more often as well. Before shampooing carpets, vacuum them until all hair has been picked up. This makes the carpet cleaning experience much more successful.

Odor control

Even if your pets are older and they don't have accidents in the house, they can leave odors in your carpets that can be hard to get rid of, even with deodorizers and at-home spot cleaning. Animals can have lingering odors on their coats that can get in carpets; the bacteria and debris on their fur and feet can easily get into carpeting and make it stink.

If you can smell your carpets from a close distance or odors fly up at you while you are vacuuming, it's time to have carpet cleaning done. Between carpet cleaning sessions, use baking soda to help eliminate and soak up odors, but avoid using carpet sprays to cover up scents. Carpet sprays can temporarily improve the smell of floors, but can leave behind residue that makes them sticky and irritates your pets.

Bacteria control

If any of your pets have a single accident in the home, be it coughing up a hairball or having a urine accident in the carpet, the bacteria left behind can leave more damage than you'd think. Not only are the carpets smelly and stained at this point, the bacteria embedded in the carpets can lead to health issues in those with sensitive immune systems, including pets. Your carpet cleaning services company will assist you in making your carpets clean and looking great, and the most important part of having carpet cleaning done is having safer carpets.

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