What Happens When A Residential Water Damage Restoration Service Comes To Your Home

If you live in an area where water has been known to flood and cause damage to homes, you want to be prepared should this occurrence happen to your own house. It is best to contact a water damage restoration service as soon as possible after water gets inside your structure. Here is what you can expect when the service arrives.

Removal Of Personal Items Takes Place 

When a service arrives at your home, workers will first assess the items in the area where water has accumulated and remove them if they seem salvageable. These items need to go to an area where there is no moisture and where they can dry quickly. Pieces of furniture will be turned upside down to aid in the removal of moisture in a timely manner. Fans and heat are used to dry the items as needed.

Water Is Pumped Out Of Your Home

A water damage restoration service uses high-powered pumps to remove water from your home. These pieces of equipment are able to remove large amounts of water in a short amount of time. They also allow for the water removal to be done without the need for physical labor, which could lead to health risks if people come into contact with bacteria in the water. Workers come prepared with the proper apparel to protect their skin while using water pumps.

The Affected Areas Are Dried 

After the bulk of the water is removed from your home, the areas where it was present need to be dried to try to salvage building materials. This is done with professional-grade fans and heaters, which are monitored during their use. In addition, windows and doors are opened to keep air circulating in the area where water had accumulated.

Damaged Areas Are Checked In Detail

If water had caused damage, a water damage restoration service will take the steps necessary in repairing or replacing building materials. Drywall and carpeting are two main components prone to water damage. In many instances, standing water will cause these materials to need to be removed and replaced. This is because mold spores can grow easily upon the surfaces of these items. If mold is noticed in your home, it will need to be treated to remove it in its entirety. Black mold causes respiratory issues. A water damage recovery service will have the necessary cleaning agents to kill mold.

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