Power Washing Keeps Your Home's Siding Clean And Attractive

If the siding on your home looks dirty or if it has algae or mold growing on it, consider having it power washed. Power washing can often restore dirty siding so it looks nearly new, and that helps you get more life from your siding before you have to replace it. Here's a quick overview of how power washing siding works.

A Power Washer Often Uses Hot Water

Hot water can break up dirt easier than cold water. When your contractor uses a power washer, they can regulate the temperature as well as the pressure so your home gets as clean as possible without being damaged. In addition to hot water, the contractor may add cleaning products that kill mold, break up stains, and get the siding clean.

Additional Scrubbing Might Be Needed

Power washing involves using a strong stream of water to remove dirt, so that's often all that's needed to get your siding clean. However, tough stains may require the use of cleaning fluids and a soft-bristle brush.

Your contractor wants to remove all the stains and dirt if possible, so they'll use all their available equipment. However, they'll avoid anything abrasive that could harm the siding.

A Power Washer Cleans Most Parts Of Your Home

Most types of siding can be power washed, and most areas of your home's exterior can be cleaned with a power washer. Your contractor controls the pressure so the water stream is suitable for the material being cleaned. Plus, they can alter the distance from your home when using the washer and change the nozzle to create the most effective spray.

Your contractor may even be able to power wash your windows. This has to be done carefully with a soft wash setting because a higher setting can shatter glass. However, when done properly, a power washer can remove mildew and other stains from around the window frame.

Power Washing Should Be Done Regularly

You'll have to watch your home to determine how often to have power washing done. It often depends on the environment around your home. If you live near a dirt road, your siding may get coated in dust and dirt sooner. If you live in a clean environment, you may go longer between visits from the contractor to have your home power washed.

The goal is to keep your home well-maintained and looking clean and fresh so that your home has good curb appeal and your siding won't be ruined because of neglect.

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