4 Common Cleaning Mistakes People Make When Cleaning Their Windows

Glass windows give your home benefits like allowing natural light into the house, excellent insulation, and aesthetic beauty. However, glass panes accumulate a lot of that grease and grime from the environment and need cleaning from time to time. That said, few people know the best way to clean their glass windows. With this in mind, these are the four most common mistakes people make when cleaning windows and how to avoid them for better results.

Using the Wrong Tools

Glass windows a more delicate than most people understand. As such, using the wrong cleaning tools will lead to scratches that make the surface unsightly and also minimize the structural integrity of the glass. In other cases, some use low-quality detergents, which leads to chemicals interfering with the surface of the windows by creating weaknesses. Another common mistake is using the wrong materials to dry the windows after cleaning. For example, some grab a newspaper or any other piece of clothing available to dry the windows. You should know newspapers are not the best option for drying windows as they can leave ink stains on the surface of your glass. Given this, invest in quality microfiber fabrics to properly clean and dry your windows.

Cleaning One Side

If you want your windows to be clear and maintain their aesthetic appeal, you must clean both sides of the glass. That said, most people clean the inside alone, especially on the upper floor, because the outside seems dangerous. In such a case, window cleaning experts use tools like ladders to reach the higher floors, and external window surfaces as they clean. So, if you're afraid of heights or want the best cleaning outcomes, hire window cleaning professionals. This way, you will reduce your risks and liabilities and let the professionals handle the cleaning for you. You will also be left with spotless glass because they will clean both sides.

Cleaning in Hot and Sunny Weather

Some weather conditions don't support window cleaning. More importantly, hot and humid summer days are not ideal for window cleaning. Note that when the temperatures are high, the soapy water dries up quickly and becomes sticky before you have a chance to rinse it. As a result, you will have windows that look dull and dirty if left with stains of dried-up soap.

Scraping the Window Surface Hard

Some types of stains are challenging to eliminate. The process becomes even more sensitive when the dirt is on the surface of the glass because you might damage it. More so, hard scraping can cause a lot of damage to the glass. Hence, if dealing with badly stained glass, avoid scrapping it and schedule a professional cleaning service for the best outcome.

These are mistakes that you should avoid when cleaning your windows. Given this, it is best to let the professionals handle cleaning if you're not sure you can do it properly. They will give you the best cleaning service at an affordable rate.

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